Houston Business Permits and Certifications


Juggling various permit dates and files isn’t the way to get ahead. At EZQ Group, we simplify the way you obtain, store, and organize all of your Houston official documents. Never forget a deadline or lose a file again.

With more than 35 years of experience as Texas business consultants, we know the best ways to keep all of your contracts and inspection certificates in order. Our guidance will help streamline your business processes and better serve your customers on a daily basis.

Our Process

When it comes time to obtain permits or certifications, we’ll walk you through the journey. No more frantic Google searches or last-minute calls to the mayor’s office – we’ve got you covered.

Step 1: Act Ahead of Time

We don’t believe in last-minute to-dos. Our consulting team works on obtaining permits far in advance. We’ll tell you exactly when to begin the process of seeking a license, certificate, etc.

Step 2: Cover All of Your Bases

Don’t know what permits you need? Don’t worry – that’s our job. We’ll save you plenty of brow wrinkles and frustration. Our permit experts find and prepare your applications in advance, then submit everything in the necessary order.

Step 3: Confirm Everything

As lifelong Houstonites, we know the ins and outs of Texas procedures like the back of our hands. Trust us: we’ve seen every rule and regulation out there when it comes to occupancy permits, inspections, and business permits. We’ll dot all of our I’s and cross all of our T’s so you can rest assured that your business won’t get penalized.

FAQs About Houston Documents

Every Houston property needs a certificate of occupancy to indicate they have complied with all standards and codes. It’s a way to keep people safe, whether you’re working with a commercial or a residential tenant.
Typically, a building permit costs around $1.3K. Homeowners spend between $400 and $2K, but the size and scope of the town can dramatically increase this range.
You’ll need a certificate of occupancy when leasing a commercial or residential building. To get one, you must submit an application via the City of Houston. You’ll also have to provide any applicable lease documents, a site map of your building(s), and a smoke alarm letter.

Benefits of Permit Management

EZQ consultants don’t just save you time and help you avoid annoying fines. We serve as your go-to resource for all the intricacies of Texas policies. Our goal is to provide you with innovative strategies for growing your business, and that includes handling all of your paperwork flawlessly.

Why You Can Trust EZQ Group

Deciding to entrust a consulting company with your credentials is a big deal – and we’re honored to be considered. Each of our consultants comes from a long history of accounting, auditing, and IT services. We know our stuff, and we’re confident.
We’ll help with your:

  • Permit Applications
  • Building Permits
  • Occupancy Permits

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We’ll eliminate the headaches of dealing with City of Houston business permits, certifications, licenses, and more.